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Getting to know the Varrox EDDY with ATTTA

In their most recent blog, ATTTA (Atlantic Tech Transfer Team for Apiculture) explores the use of the Varrox EDDY device for Varroa Mite control.

Varroa mites are an increasing problem in Canadian honey bee hives. Year-round integrated pest management programs are needed to protect hives from this parasite. One proven effective treatment option during low flight periods (winter) is sublimation of oxalic acid dihydrate crystals. When exposed to heat, these crystals evaporate and effectively fumigate the inside of the hive with the oxalic acid which is toxic to the Varroa mite.

The Varrox EDDY is a high quality, unique vaporizer with a convenient built in power source that is for efficient application of oxalic acid dihydrate crystal products. Especially useful for saving time when treating multiple hives in an apiary.

CLICK HERE to see what ATTTA is saying about their experience with the Varrox EDDY.

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