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Loopex (Greenhouse)& Loopex FC (Field)

Loopex is an insecticidal virus for the control of cabbage looper (Trichoplusia ni) on vegetables. It kills the larvae by ingestion and has an additional long-term effect on pest population reduction. Loopex is a valuable resistance management tool that can be included in any integrated pest management program (IPM), especially for the control of insecticide resistant populations.



  • While Loopex effectively infects and kills young larvae of Trichoplusia ni, the virus is also lethal for older larval instars in the long term.

  • AcNPV is a naturally occurring insecticidal virus and is harmless to beneficial insects, bees and other non-target organisms.

  • Loopex offers more flexibility for the crop producers. The active substance is not included in the residue tolerance lists for crops grown for export.

  • AcNPV offers a different mode of action, which can be an important mean to avoid and/or break resistances.

  • Loopex is compatible with most common pest control products and can be utilized in an integrated program as an additional mode of action for resistance management.


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