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Healthy Food and a Healthy Environment, for all!


An emerging trend in all global agricultural markets is the increased demand for sustainable production solutions that have a positive impact on our environment. Andermatt Canada, as a member of the Andermatt Group, provides a significant footprint in helping producers, retailers and consumers achieve this goal.

As an innovator in developing biological-based solutions, Andermatt Canada has invested in a dedicated research and production program. The program has delivered innovative products to Canadian growers. And the Andermatt Canada portfolio is continuing to develop with the addition of new products in multiple pest management and bio stimulant categories each year.


Consortium Soil Health - Consortium is the banner under which leading bio stimulants and specialty nutrient products are marketed. Products marketed under the Consortium banner have been registered with the CFIA and have extensive research demonstrating their value. With Consortium there is not the "one size fits all" approach and the diversity within the portfolio offers growers to develop a program or specific solution selected for their needs. 

Bio Insecticides - Andermatt Canada develops and markets multiple types of bio insecticides to meet the demands of the industry. By providing unique modes of action, our products can be integrated into an IPM program or applied independently. Andermatt Canada deploys team work to identify and develop pest management solutions from within our own research efforts or from our Andermatt global family. Andermatt products are recognized for the care and quality that goes toward ensuring each bottle or package is the best product available. 

Bio Fungicides - Research efforts have lead to strong results in providing Canadain potato growers with a tool for common scab and garlic growers for basal bulb rot. And the effort continues to increase the bio fungicide offering. With trials established across Canada in multiple crops against key diseases the registration of more bio fungicides tools is underway. The knowledge to identify and formulate the best selected strains allows Andermatt to offer products with strong efficacy.

Specialty Products - Andermatt Canada offers additional products for niche markets. From non-poison mouse traps to traps for Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) or traps for other pests. Andermatt Canada can provide tools to assist Canadian Agriculturalists. 

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