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C5 TundraBac

– the choice for early planting in Canadian conditions

C5 TundraBac is a strong partner as an additional component in a fertilizer program. Working in the rhizospere, C5 TundraBac assists in the mobilization of naturally present nutrients or applied fertilizers, it helps extract maximum value from a fertilizer program. By managing nutrients on a microscopic scale around the young developing root, C5 TundraBac potentially increases the available nutrition to plants therefore increasing the uniformity and rate of growth across the field.

Specifically developed for activity at lower temperatures common in Canadian planting conditions, C5 TundraBac is an ideal component for early planted crops. While many bio stimulants may not become active until over 10 C, C5 TundraBac becomes active at 8 C. Developed from the naturally occurring beneficial bacteria Bacillus atrophaeus strain Abi05 C5 TundraBac has a guaranteed active ingredient content of at least 2.5 X 1010 cfu/ml. C5 TundraBac is manufactured in state of the art liquid fermentation facilities with stringent quality control processes.




C5 TundraBac can be applied together with most common plant protection products and fertilizers and through a wide range of application methods. The residue free, well storable  and highly concentrated liquid formulation provides a user-friendly solution for integrated and/or organic production strategies. Application in the early plant development stage are essential to ensure an effective colonization of the rhizosphere and consequent mobilization of nutrients. Application at planting is highly recommended for any crop. In combination with fertilizers, fungicides or conventional seed treatments, synergistic yield effects can be achieved.

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  • Improved early growth of seedlings and young plants in cooler soils

  • Improved consistency of plant growth across a field providing more uniformity at harvest

  • Increased nutrient availability improves plant growth reducing risk from abiotic stresses (water availability and temperature extremes)

  • Suitable on a wide variety of crops

  • Robust spores of Bacillus atrophaeus are compatible with most fertilizers and fungicides

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