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PhosBac 45

– Naturally mobilising nutrients to maximize plant potential

Backed by over 40 years of research PhosBac 45 is a “next” generation bio stimulant strongly selected for the active phytase production role in the soil. After application, the spores from PhosBac 45 germinate and colonize the young roots of the growing plant. The bacteria inhabit the space that other competing bacteria would occupy and release enzymes and compounds which stimulate plant growth and mobilize plant nutrients. PhosBac 45 is able to help plants develop strong and healthy roots. When a plant has a strong foundation based on roots it can improve tolerance to abiotic stress, such as water deficiency, salinity, etc. As a consequence, the application of PhosBac 45 can result in the plant achieving more of its genetic potential in growth and yield. PhosBac 45 is your insurance to overcome and cope better with unfavourable conditions and therefore should be applied early as possible.



PhosBac 45 can be applied together with most common plant protection products and fertilizers and through a wide range of application methods. The residue free, well storable  and highly concentrated liquid formulation provides a user-friendly solution for integrated and/or organic production strategies. Application in the early plant development stage are essential to ensure an effective colonization of the rhizosphere and consequent mobilization of nutrients. Application at planting is highly recommended for any crop. In combination with fertilizers, fungicides or conventional seed treatments, synergistic yield effects can be achieved.


  • Improves root growth and nutrient mobilisation

  • Compatible with most fertilizers and plant protection products

  • Complements conventional production strategies

  • Easy to apply and store (2 years at room temperature)

  • Fully compatible with organic and residue free production

  • Liquid formulation adaptable for multiple application systems

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