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VARROX® Evaporator

High quality heating plate for the evaporation of oxalic acid dihydrate crystals for the treatment of varroa mite in honey bee hives. 


Add the required amount of oxalic acid dihydrate to the pan. Place VARROX® through the flight opening underneath the bee cluster. Close flight opening with sponge strips or humid cloth. Attach to 12 V car battery for exactly 2 min 30 sec. Disconnect and remove VARROX® after a while. Dip the still hot pan into a bucket of cold water to cool it down to starting temperature. Seal flight opening for another ten minutes. Best results are achieved on brood-less colonies at outside temperatures above 8 °C.

Treatment profile

Oxalic acid dihydrate is a white powder with high acidity. When evaporated with VARROX®, the fumes will re-condensate as oxalic acid dihydrate on bees and combs. The fine crystal needles will kill Varroa after contact only. Varroa in sealed brood cells will not be affected by the oxalic acid since there is no physical contact with oxalic acid. Varroa mite fall peaks on the second day.

Oxalic acid dihydrate evaporates in two steps and breaks up at high temperatures into inactive vapours. The design of VARROX® allows repetitive accuracy for each treated hive when instructions of use are followed.


Oxalic acid vapours cause irritation of eyes and the respiratory system. Do not use indoors. Always wear protective clothing, Eye glasses and a breathing mask. Always treat your hives with the wind in your back.




The problem: Varroa mite (Varroa destructor) is an increasing problem in Canadian honey bee hives. Year-round integrated pest management programs are needed to protect hives from this parasite. One proven effective treatment option during low flight periods (winter) is sublimation of oxalic acid dihydrate crystals. When exposed to heat, these crystals evaporate and effectively fumigate the inside of the hive with the oxalic acid which is toxic to the Varroa mite.


The product: A high quality unique vaporiser with a convenient built in power source that is for efficient application of oxalic acid dihydrate crystal products. Especially useful for saving time when treating multiple hives in an apiary.

Tried and trusted brand

Durable, unique design for use over multiple years

One button control makes treatment straightforward

Built-in Lithium Ion technology provides compact and portable power

Sophisticated LED light system gives clear instructions when in use


How to use:

  • Varrox EDDY can be used whenever it is suitable to apply oxalic acid dihydrate.  

  • Ensure that the battery of the Varrox EDDY is fully charged by connecting it to the charger. A full charge will take approx. 4 hours and will be enough power to treat between 10-15 colonies. The battery LED display tells you how much power is left in the battery.

  • Arm the Varrox EDDY by pushing the power button for 3 seconds, the LED light will go green which means the device is ready to treat.

  • Add the required volume of oxalic acid dihydrate crystals to the removable crucible and place in the delivery arm of the Varrox EDDY.

  • Push the Varrox EDDY into the bottom of the hive through the flight opening to the required depth on the delivery arm.

  • Seal the flight opening with cloth, to ensure a high efficacy of treatment ensure all openings in the hive are closed including the open mesh floor and the roof.

  • Push the power button to begin the treatment, the treatment should take about 1 minute.

  • Remove the device from the hive. Ensure the flight opening remains sealed for a further 10 minutes.


Note: After removing the device from the hive, the removable crucible of the device should be dropped into a bucket of water to cool it before the next use.

Click here for more information on cleaning and maintenance of the Varrox EDDY battery 

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