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Apimil® is formulated with natural ingredients. 
It contains a combination of fragrances which have a strong influence on the behaviour of honey bees, reducing aggressive behaviour. The product temporarily eliminates the stinging tendencies of honey bees and may be used instead of smoke. 
In addition, it may be used to significantly improve the success rate of introducing honey bee queens, prevents robbing and improve the success rate of combining colonies. 

HOW to use APIMIL®

What is apimil®?


Apimil is made with natural ingredients


It contains a combination of fragrances that influence aggressive behaviour in honey bees. 

Dilution - Mix

The product is intended to be sprayed by means of a manual sprayer. Apimil® is a concentrate which should be diluted with water before use as follows: 100 ml of the product should be diluted to 1 litre with water.

Apiary results

The result of the test indicates a significant reduction of stinging tendencies after using Apimil®.

queen bee introduction

The result of the test showed 100% of the effectiveness of introducing honey bee queens after using Apimil®.

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a safe Smoker alternative

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