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Spodovir Plus

Spodovir® Plus is the next generation of fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda, control.  Spodovir® Plus is based upon a new isolate of the S. frugiperda nucleopolyhedrovirus. 


As a liquid formulation Spodovir Plus will offer growers convenience in handling plus a new, easy to use tool to combat this important economic pest.  Due to its unique mode of action, Spodovir Plus is an important resistance management tool which can be included in any integrated pest management program (IPM). Conventional and organic growers will find Spodovir Plus is a valuable weapon to combat this important agricultural pest and is also an easy to use liquid formulation.



  • Spodovir Plus is a great addition to an IPM program.

  • Spodovir Plus is compatible with most common pesticides and can be easily tank mixed, reducing the need for additional application passes in the field

  • For export commodities, Spodovir Plus allows for late season application to protect crops as it has no maximum residue limits (MRLs).

  • Offers highly effective biological control and does not harm beneficial insects

Spodovir Plus Image
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