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– simplicity of application and improved planter performance

Not only selected from the naturally occurring beneficial soil fungi Trichoderma asperellum strain kd, T-GROW EZ FLOW has been formulated as a dry granular product with the addition of a seed lubricant for consistent planting in mechanical planters. The natural occurring fungi occupy space around the developing root and displace non-beneficial organisms. As the T-GROW EZ FLOW develops with the roots it assists is mobilizing nutrients for plant needs. Observations at key stages will often indicate more advanced feeder roots and overall root development.  

The research and development of T-GROW EZ FLOW prompted its selection over several other fungi strains. T-GROW EZ FLOW a consistent shelf life and provided a vigorous strain to compete in the rhizosphere.



  • T-GROW EZ FLOW can be directly added to the seed hopper. It can be placed on top of the seed in the hopper and allowed to mix from the action of the hopper during travel or for larger seed units applied through the filling auger while seed is being augered.

  • T-GROW EZ FLOW is expected to be compatible with a range of insecticides, herbicides and fertilizers. As T-GROW EZ FLOW is a fungi, check with your supplier on specific fungicide compatibility.

  • T-GROW EZ FLOW is packaged in either a 1 kg foil pouch or a 4 kg pail.

  • Low application rate

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