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Andermatt Forestry:

Helping Nature naturally

Silviculture is the branch of forestry concerned with the theory and practice of controlling forest establishment, composition, and growth. Like forestry itself, silviculture is an applied science that rests ultimately upon the more fundamental natural and social sciences.


The immediate foundation of silviculture in the natural sciences is the field of silvics, which deals with the laws underlying the growth and development of single trees and of the forest as a biologic unit. Growth, in turn, depends on local soils and climate, competition from other vegetation, and interrelations with animals, insects, and other organisms, both beneficial and destructive.


The efficient practice of silviculture demands knowledge of such fields as ecology, plant physiology, entomology, and soil science and is concerned with the economic as well as the biologic aspects of forestry. The implicit objective of forestry is to make the forest economically useful to humans.

Andermatt Canada applies this philosophy in the development of bio insecticides, pheromones and traps to help foresters monitor and manage destructive pests of our forests. Healthful forests offer multiple benefits to mankind

  • Industrial materials

  • Recreational areas

  • Habitat for animals

  • Oxygenation for atmosphere


From our New Brunswick location we have provided natural solutions throughout North America for over 15 years. As a member of the Andermatt companies our innovations are marketed globally.

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