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Techical Information



Pest Brown Spruce Longhorned Beetle (Tetropium Fuscum)



Spruce Trees Active



S-Fuscumol Storage

Information Store for up to 2 years at -18° C


Load Rate

50mg Load

Product Information


aPhinity BSLB™ is a pheromone lure used for detection of the brown spruce longhorn beetle. The addition of this lure to the black intercept traps baited with high release rate lures of ethanol and spruce blend synergies trap capture of the brown spruce longhorn beetle. The aPhinity BSLB™ lure may be placed on traps in May and will last for the duration of the season. No permit is required for the use of this lure due to the fact that it is used exclusively to detect the presence of the spruce longhorn beetle in the local area.

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