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– Managing Corn Ear Worm Population 


Helicovex provides growers with a unique mode of action to defend their corn, outdoor hemp or cannabis crop from the feeding of corn earworm. With an estimated 30-40% of the pests having some level of resistance to commonly applied products, Helicovex is an attractive alternative. Developed from a natural baculovirus that infects and kills corn earworm larva, Helicovex does not harm beneficials in the crop when used alone. 

Applied at early moth flight when egg laying begins, Helicovex is ingested by the young larva and infects the larva. The larva stop feeding and die in 5-7 days. Due to the life cycle of the corn earworm several applications would be required approximately 7-12 days apart. 

Helicovex has good compatibility with most common crop protection products and can be integrated into a program to offer multiple modes of action. Transmission of the virus can be either by horizontal or vertical. When exposed to a low dose, the larva will be infected and become unthrifty. As they evolve thru their life cycle the infection will grow and passed to emerging generations. 


With no MRL Helicovex can be applied up to harvest. 

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