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AmyProtec 42®

AmyProtec 42 is a biological soil fungicide, containing the rhizosphere (rooting zone) colonizing bacteria Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FZB42.

The bacteria create a “disease-inhibiting protective shield”. Thus preventively applied AmyProtec 42 can efficiently suppress soil borne pathogens. Due to a versatile mode of action and flexible miscibility is AmyProtec 42 the perfect product for integrated plant protection programs.


  • Protects the plant against soil borne pathogens

  • Highly concentrated product

  • Improved tolerance toward biotic (pathogens) and abiotic (salinity, drought, water) stress

  • Compatible with most common crop inputs



A wettable powder concentrate of a beneficial aerial Trichoderma atroviride strain for protection of pruning wounds and diseases like Botrytis.

T-77 can be sprayed and is effective against Botrytis on leaves, flowers and fruits. In the same way pruning wounds on grapevines and other fruit trees are protected against the entrance of pathogens.


  • Efficient Botrytis control (leaves, flowers and fruit)

  • Fewer plant losses resulting from wood rot pathogens

  • Vineyard’s productive life is extended as a result of disease prevention (e.g. Eutypa).

  • No residues and no withholding period after application

  • Ideal for Integrated Pest Management programs


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