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Apiforme® is a bee feed supplement that can be used in the colony throughout the beekeeping season. In summer and autumn, Apiforme® can be added to feeding syrup and fondant to ensure your bees have good vitality all season long. 

What is APiforme®?

All natural composition

Nettle Extract Amino Acids and Vitamins

  • Strengthens defenses

  • Promotes growth

  • Helps the body function properly

Dilution - Mix

The product is intended to be sprayed by means of a manual sprayer. Apimil® is a concentrate which should be diluted with water before use as follows: 100 ml of the product should be diluted to 1 litre with water.

Apiary results

The result of the test indicates a significant reduction of stinging tendencies after using Apimil®.

queen bee introduction

The result of the test showed 100% of the effectiveness of introducing honey bee queens after using Apimil®.

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a safe Smoker alternative

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