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VERNO is made from carefully selected naturally occurring and sparingly soluble nutrient salts like oxides and carbonates. This gives a unique opportunity for manufacturing very concentrated slow-release products that can be applied at low rates per hectare.

The ingredients are mixed with naturally occurring dispersants and micronized into smaller particles that distribute well and adhere well to the plant surface. We let the plant, with its slightly acidic leaf surface, dissolve the nutrient salts gradually, chelate and relocate the positively charged nutrient ions.

The unique combination of nutrients in VERNO significantly stimulates physiological processes responsible for both the growth of the roots and above ground part of the plants.

Key Micronutrients



As a trace element is essential for many plant functions. It is a catalyst in both photosyntesis and respiration, and responsible for the structural strength of cells by the formation of lignin. Moreover, copper is involved in carbohydrate and protein metabolism and stimlates pollen maturity and growth of the pollen tube thus playing a key role in flower and seed formation. Copper deficiency cause a delay in maturity and senescence, significantly affecting grain yield. Stem bending and susceptibility to disease are also consequences of copper deficiency.


Essential for many plant functions. Besides its main role in the formation of growth hormone Auxin, this element is also known for its positive influence in mRNA synthesis, and also makes cell membranes more permeable. It is also necessary for the formation of chlorophyll and carbohydrates (starch), and for proper root development. Zinc deficiencies in plants are dramatic because of combinations of chlorosis, rosetting, dieback, and depressed vegetative growth.



Verno has many years of success across a wide range of crops.



Verno is a high-analysis and high-purity product. As a result, Verno can be applied at relatively low rates per hectare.

Typical usage rates are 100 to 250 grams per hectare.



Verno formulations are safe to apply to crop foliage at the suggested use rates. In furrow applications with seed are also crop safe at suggested use rates



All Verno products are compatible with each other and can be blended to achieve the right balance of micronutrients.

The products are also physically compatible with a wide range of fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and fertilisers when the spray solution is above pH6.0.



Verno has excellent adherence to the plant surface in wet and windy weather conditions and under spray irrigation, due to the small particle size of the formulation. This ensures a constant supply of available nutrient over an extended period.



Verno Micronutrients are certified for organic production. Please download current Certificates from the Nordox website.


Essential micronutrient for plants involved in photosynthesis, respiration, enzyme activation, protein biosynthesis, and several structural components of plant cells. Acidic soils with a high organic matter content and high pH are frequently manganese limited, and tropical soils are frequently leached of manganese. Manganese deficiencies can dramatically reduce plant growth and photosynthetic capacity, leading to stunted plants and significantly reduced crop yields.

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