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T-GROW EZ FLOW B.E.S.T Site Performance

Left: No T-GROW EZ FLOW Right: with T-GROW EZ FLOW Seed Application

On Tuesday August 2nd hosted a group of agronomists at a B.E.S.T. site.

B.E.S.T. stands for Biological Education System Training, where agronomists can see and dig plants and see the impact our biologicals have on plant growth.

When asked to rate various root systems it was interesting how the selection process all came back to the plants that had T-GROW EZ FLOW applied at planting. They saw more feeder roots, more root mass and more rhizobia on those plants.

With the growing season stresses we have in 2022, these root systems will provide more opportunity to help the plant produce the yield potential it possesses. The larger root will enable the plants to carry more pods to maturity during the extremes we are experiencing this growing season.

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