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Now Approved in Canada!

T-Gro Easy-Flow

A graphite/talc lubricant with the added value of Trichoderma asperellum, designed for use with mechanical planters.

The containing Trichoderma strain is the same strain as in T-Gro, helping the plant to get a larger, healthier and more effective root system.

Product facts

Key benefitsGrowth stimulation and enhanced nutrient mobilizationActive ingredientTrichoderma asperellum strain kdFormulationGraphite/talc lubricant for dry seed treatment to be added to mechanical plantersConcentration> 2 × 109 spores/gStandard rate1–5 g/kg seedCropsRow crops


  • Increases plant growth and crop yield

  • Improves the root system

  • More even plant stand

  • Also acts as a lubricant for mechanical planters

  • Easy to use – can be added to seed hopper while planting

  • Ideal product for IPM programs

  • Fully compatible with organic and residue free production

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