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Comments from Our Growers

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

"I learned about Bacillus FZB 42 from garlic trials and inquired about sourcing some. The formulation has been excellent to work with. No worries about mixing it in my application systems and FZB 42 does not clog at all.

In my garlic I have been very satisfied with the quality of my product since using FZB 42 and continue to use it as part of my program. A final plus - I find the FZB 42 economical as an input."

Garlic Grower, Ontario

"We used the Bacillus amyloliquefaciens for 3 years. The formulation is excellent with no problems in applying. We apply as part of our PSPT program with our conventional products.

Important to us is the technical support we are able to get when we have a question on rates or use. Response is quick from Sylvar and accurate.

Harvest, we like what we see in consistent tubers and overall quality. The product has been easy to use and well supported."

Potato Grower, Ontario

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