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MADEX HP is now registered for application by Canadian Growers

First Dual Activity Baculovirus Registered to combat Codling Moth and Oriental Fruit Moth in Pome and Stone Fruits

Andermatt Canada Inc. would like to introduce Canadian pome and stone fruit growers to a new component in the toolbox to assist in controlling codling moth and oriental fruit moth. Both these pests can have a detrimental impact on the marketability of a grower’s crop if left unchecked.

The active ingredient in MADEX HP is a naturally occurring virus of Cydia pomonella. It is a highly selective pathogen of Cydia pomonella (codling moth) and Grapholita molesta (oriental fruit moth). There is no evidence of this active ingredient infecting non-target organisms. Application from eggs or 1st instar larvae is recommended to control each generation. Several applications may be required with an effective monitoring program.

MADEX HP is a convenient liquid formulation offering a two year shelf life when stored at or below 5° C or lower. With a superior formulation MADEX HP can be stored below freezing and remain in a ready-to-use state.

Andermatt Canada Inc. is a member of Andermatt BioControl, a leading global developer of biological solutions for growers. Based in New Brunswick, Andermatt Canada Inc. is actively developing biological products for insect and disease control in agriculture and forestry markets.

For additional information on MADEX HP and other products from Andermatt Canada please contact:

Andermatt Canada Inc. Sales & Market Manager

1350 Regent Street Colin Smith

Fredericton, NB

506-444-5690 519-373-6520

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