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Emergency Use Registration for BoVir in Ontario, Canada!

The Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has granted an Emergency Use Registration for BoVir for the control of Lymantria dispar dispar (LDD, formerly known as gypsy moth) from a period of April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023. Lymantria dispar originated in Europe and was first detected in Ontario in 1969. The latest outbreak of Lymantria dispar began in 2018, since then Lymantria dispar has been spreading rapidly across the province. BoVir is based off the LdMNPV baculovirus and will target the larval stages of Lymantria dispar but is not harmful to humans or the environment, including pollinators and other lepidopterans.

Andermatt would like to acknowledge the collaboration with Ontario Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry and the City of Toronto in achieving the emergency use permit. With BoVir, Andermatt brings a valuable tool to Ontario to combat this devastating pest.

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