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Bassidor - A Biological Option

Bassidor has been registered for Control of White Flies and Twospotted Spider Mites (TSSM) in Greenhouse

Andermatt Canada Inc would like to introduce Canadian Greenhouse Growers to a new mode of action in their quest to control White Flies and TSSM. These pests can be a very difficult to control in an actively growing crop. Growers will often combat multiple generations of these pests in their greenhouse growing cycle.

BASSIDOR is a Beauveria bassiana developed from a unique strain identified for it’s efficacy under challenging conditions. Packaged in a 1 kg foil pouch, BASSIDOR is a formulated as a wettable powder offering simplicity for application in commonly used application systems. The active ingredient in BASSIDOR is a naturally occurring insect-pathogenic fungus and is also a common soil inhabiting fungus. The fungus forms numerous small conidia in solid or semi-solid state fermentation systems. It is these conidia that have the ability to germinate on and penetrate insects, leading to mycosis (fungal colonization of the insect contents) and lead to mortality of the insect.

Andermatt Canada Inc is a member of the Andermatt Group. Andermatt are specialists in developing biological control measures to assist growers in producing safe and healthy crops to meet consumer needs. Andermatt Canada Inc. is based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Contact Andermatt directly to learn more.

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