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We Strive on Innovation


Andermatt Canada history begins with the need for a dedicated group to develop and market biological solutions in the Canadian forestry business. This business became Sylvar Technologies. The people within Sylvar created successful products to monitor and control harmful forest pests. A critical component of those programs was the identification and production of baculovirus, a form of bio insecticide that only controls the targeted pest. With the success of the forestry products and expertise of the team in developing Sylvar came to the attention of another group the developed baculovirus products for the agriculture market, Andermatt BioControl, founded and owned by Dr. Martin Andermatt and Dr. Isabel Andermatt in Switzerland.  Sylvar Technologies became a member of the Andermatt family of companies in 2012. The forestry products went on to be marketed globally and the Andermatt agriculture products were introduced to Canada.

As the portfolio evolves and more persons integrate biologicals into a crop program, additional changes have occurred. In January 2021, Sylvar Technologies Inc became Andermatt Canada Inc. As a respected global company the new name brings more awareness in markets and recognition as the global leader the Andermatt gruop have become in developing biological solutions. The Sylvar name is retained as the branding strategy for the forestry product in the North American market.

Today our R&D is active with registration of multiple new products each. We look within our Andermatt family for potential products that will assist our Canadian customers and outside for those products that provide the benefits we strive to bring to marker in every product.

Today our production makes and exports multiple products around the world. More regions of the world are looking for products that provide strong efficacy while not detrimental to our environment. Andermatt Canada has evolved into a global supplier of recognized quality solutions.

As Andermatt Canada looks forward we are striving to provide

  • Quality products for pest management

  • Innovative solutions that provide user and consumer confidence

  • Products that lead us to a better tomorrow


Andermatt Canada striving for

Healthy Food and Healthy Environment, for all

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